ISSHIIdiopathic Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss
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In Chapter Four, Cogan explores the reforms that Isshi (and Bunchi's contemporaries) advanced in order to set the context for understanding the similarities and differences in Isshi's and Bunchi's reclusive and precept-based practices, which are discussed in Chapter Six, "Reclusion and Spatiality" and Chapter Nine, "Precepts and Ordination at Enshoji," respectively.
Isshi had discouraged Bunchi from building the convent in this location because of its proximity to the court; however, such a location satisfied Bunchi's desire to be separate from the court while still being within its gaze.
Yamada, Isshi. Sarva-tathagata-tattva-sangraha nama mahayana-sutra: a critical edition based on a Sanskrit manuscript and Chinese and Tibetan translations.
is preceded by other watershed events such as the Isshi Incident of 645