ISSMInternational Society for Sexual Medicine (Maarn, The Netherlands)
ISSMInstitut Steacie des Sciences Moléculaires (French: Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences; Canada)
ISSMInformation Systems Security Manager
ISSMInternational Symposium on Semiconductor Manufacturing
ISSMInstitute for the Study of Security Markets
ISSMInstitute of Sales and Marketing Management (UK)
ISSMInterim Semi-Static Stability Model (DIME/PMESII tool for evaluating the situation in OOTW)
ISSMInformation Systems Security Monitoring
ISSMIntegrated Security Systems Management (Valencia, CA)
ISSMIce Sheet System Model
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Following McInish and Wood (1992), we calculate the daily time-weighted spread for each stock in the ISSM and TAQ databases over 1983 to 2009.
DHA practices may increase crop yields by 13-20% under the IP scenario and by 18-35% under the ISSM scenario.
The public contract also includes maintenance, support and development of the ISSM within four years of signing the contract.
PE poses as a threat to the relationship of partners as men with this condition feel insecure, embarrassed, anxious and depressed, according to ISSM.
This research also integrated TAM and ISSM as a foundation for exploring learner e-Portfolio use intention to establish a causal relational model for determining the likelihood of the successful integration of e-Portfolios in educational contexts.
The soft problem of interests conflict is one of the theoretical foundations of ISSM.
Data on the number of transactions are now available in the ISSM and Trades and Quotes (TAQ) databases.
The sample is limited to the time period covered by the ISSM data, 1983-1992, and to only those firms traded on the NYSE or ASE at the time of the dividend increase.
First, the data are drawn from the ISSM tapes which contain intraday quotes allowing for daily average quote widths rather than the single closing bid and ask necessary when using the CRSP data.
The core components of LightRender are Computervision's CV-DORS ISSM and the LightWork Design applications-development system from LightWork Design Ltd.
The sources of information used to assess this rating were the public domain and ISSM.