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ISSPInternational Social Survey Programme
ISSPInternational Society of Sport Psychology
ISSPInternational Conference on Intelligent Systems and Signal Processing
ISSPInstitute for Solid State Physics (University of Tokyo)
ISSPIntensive Supervision and Surveillance Programme (UK)
ISSPInformation Systems Strategic Plan
ISSPIndia Statistical Strengthening Project
ISSPInter-Solar System Police (anime)
ISSPIn-School Suspension
ISSPInternational Space Station Program
ISSPImpact Sourcing Service Provider (various orgnizations)
ISSPInformation Systems Security Professional
ISSPInternational School of Subnuclear Physics (Italy)
ISSPInternational Seminar on Speech Production
ISSPInternational Society of Sustainability Professionals (Portland, OR)
ISSPIntegrated Soldier System Project (Canada)
ISSPInformation System Security Program
ISSPInternet Security Suite Plus (antivirus software)
ISSPIntensive Support and Supervision Program (Canada)
ISSPIntegrated Single Specialty Provider (health care)
ISSPSystem-Specific Impulse
ISSPInterim Interswitch Signaling Protocol
ISSPIssue-Specific Security Policy
ISSPInstructional Support System of Pennsylvania
ISSPIndividual Service and Support Plan (behavioral science)
ISSPInter Solar Systems Pol
ISSPIndian Society for Study of Pain (Gujarat, India)
ISSPInterservice Supply Support Procedure/Program
ISSPIndividualized Student Success Plan
ISSPInternational Society for the Study of Pain
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The Department of National Defence will eventually acquire over 4,000 soldier-wearable communications suites, complete with the required accessories, support equipment, contract management, training, logistic and engineering support as part of the ISSP.
The questions from the ISSP 2007 used in this paper allow us to distinguish three types of cultural participation.
Between the GSS and ISSP data, only the indicators of affiliation and frequency of service attendance had an almost identical form.
COMSEC key device requisitions require a valid shortage, a COMSEC custodian with an Information Systems Security Program (ISSP) account, and frequent follow-up with key personnel and agencies throughout the process.
Besides, Green National Accounting for India, 13th Finance Commission's Recommendations, progress on 6th Economic Census, India Statistical Strengthening Project (ISSP) and the working of Collection of Statistics Act, 2008 will also figure in the deliberations.
We use survey data from 34 countries contained in the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) Leisure Time and Sports module, augmented with country-level characteristics such as gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, economic freedom.
Although built differently to a considerable degree and comprising 12 components, an analogous ARI derived from the 1991, 1998 and 2008 waves of the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) confirms the above identified trends, including the exceptions represented by the Netherlands and Slovenia (23):
A second source of information is the database of the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP), starting in 1984 with four founding members.
The two-day Dubai International Symposium on Sports Psychology was held under the auspices of the Dubai Sports Council (DSC) in co-ordination with the International Society of Sports Psychology (ISSP) and the Arab Society for Sports Psychology under the slogan "Mental Training: Strategies and Methods".