ISSRInter Simple Sequence Repeat (genetic identification technology)
ISSRInfrastructure System and Services Research
ISSRInstitute for Social Science Research
ISSRInternational Society for Science and Religion ( University of Cambridge, UK)
ISSRInternational Society for the Sociology of Religion (est. 1948)
ISSRInternational Shiloh Shepherd Registry (dog breeding)
ISSRInformation Systems Security Representative
ISSRInside Services Sales Representative (job title)
ISSRIn School Suspension Room
ISSRIBM Software Services Rational
ISSRInternal Software Specification Review
ISSRIncremental Software Specification Review
ISSRIn Store Service Request
ISSRIn-Service Support Review
ISSRInside Screening Router
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O objetivo do presente estudo foi estimar a variabilidade genetica de clones de aceroleira da colecao de germoplasma da Embrapa Agroindustria Tropical utilizando-se marcadores ISSR.
[13.] Blair MW, Panaud O, McCouch SR (1999) Intersimple sequence repeat (ISSR) amplification for analysis of microsatellite motif frequency and fingerprinting in rice (Oryza sativa L.).
A total of 42, both 3' anchored and unanchored 14-19 mer ISSR primers (Bangalore Genei, Bangalore, India), were screened.
La presente investigacion tuvo como objetivo detectar la variabilidad genetica de Bremia lactucae en plantaciones de lechuga de Salamanca y San Miguel de Allende, mediante RAPD e ISSR.
In this study, we used ISSR, SRAP, and AFLP markers to identify genetic diversity among the different cultivars of Ph.
The PCR reactions for all ISSR primers were performed on Eppendorf Master Cycler[R] gradient cycler (AG Flexlid, 22331 Hamburg).
Our results indicated that ISSR technique is effective to study genetic variation in Turkish rice cultivars.