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ISSTIBM (International Business Machines Corporation) Software Services for Tivoli
ISSTFraunhofer Institut für Software- und Systemtechnik
ISSTInternational Society of Schema Therapy
ISSTInstitute of Social Studies Trust
ISSTInstitut de Santé et de Securité Au Travail (Tunisia)
ISSTInternational Schools Sports Tournament
ISSTIndian Standard Strip (steel construction)
ISSTIn-Service Support Team
ISSTInfrared Surveillance of Surface Targets
ISSTIndian Standard Long Legged Tee Bar (steel construction)
ISSTICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) SHF (Super High Frequency) Satellite Terminal
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Institute of Social Studies Trust (ISST), (2012) Empowering women through skill development: challenges and opportunities, New Delhi: ISST.
The twinning project is carried out by DIMST and ISST, on the one hand, and GIP International under the French Labour Ministry, and German GVG, on the other.
ISST measures the ability to trade a particular stock's performance relative to its industry.
(4) "Was aber allen diesen Bildern einen vorzuglichen Werth giebt, isst, dass sie alle eine scharfe und zugleich heitere Satyre auf die Verkehrtheiten des Tages und menschlichen Schwachen darbieten." Translation from the German by Jessamine Cooke-Plagwitz.
But there is a substantial piece by Maria Brunner on the 'Migrationsdiskurs' in German schoolbooks of the 1990s, with analyses of Dilek Zaptcioglu's novel Der Mond isst die Sterne auf (1998) and Zaimoglu's Kanak Sprak (1995).
A clinical trial bolstered that JSST used together with Work-related Social Skills Training (WSST; Tsang, 2001) to form an Integrated Social Skills Training (ISST) for people with SMI resulted in 70.3% of participants who were successful in getting employment (Cheung & Tsang, under review).
saie : saige 'Windung an Strick, Tau'; zonket 'stossen, stampfen, eintreiben; tuchtig essen', sazonket 'vollstopfen', sazonketies 'sich tuchtig anessen', zonkis 'der viel isst', vgl.
The lament that the New German Cinema died with Fassbinder has been overhauled by recent directors beyond the European-German pale, Ataman, Fatih Akin, and Shahbaz Noshir in his Angst isst Seele auf / Fear Eats the Soul (2003), homage and remake in one, which takes the performative element of Ataman's film a step further.
(13) "Man ist was man isst." The origin of this saying can be traced to an aphorism by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, who remarked, "Tell me what thou eatest, and I will tell thee what thou art" (xxxiii).