ISSVDInternational Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal Diseases
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Many clinicians and pathologists have not adopted this most recent terminology; however, there is evidence that the ISSVD classification is the most clinically relevant.
In 2004, the ISSVD proposed a modified terminology for VIN as 2 distinct processes: the "usual type" encompassed high-grade VIN lesions (VIN 2 and 3) and were caused by HPV and the "differentiated type" was not caused by HPV [63].
The recent ASCCP/ACOG guidelines for treating HPV-related vulvar disease are based on ISSVD nomenclature with 2 tiers--condyloma and VIN [73, 74].
For the vulva, the definition is well established and in use by the AJCC, as well as CAP and ISSVD.
2003 ISSVD terminology and classification of vulvodynia: a historical perspective.