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ISTATInternational Society of Transport Aircraft Trading
ISTATIndependent Supporters Trust of Athlone Town (Footboll Club, Ireland)
ISTATIstituto Centrale di Statistica (Italian: Italian National Statistics Institute)
ISTATIntegrating Science Teaching and Technology (University of California, Berkeley)
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This significant opportunity for the global industry involved in buying, selling and financing commercial aircraft serves as the backdrop for ISTAT Americas 2013, the annual general meeting of the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) that opened on Mar.
The ISTAT report added the annual exports growth was led by sales of clothing, leather good, machinery and equipment, basic metals and fabricated metal products, plus by a 30 percent increase in vehicle sales to the United States.
TABLE A3 Data and Sources GDP at market prices 1980-2003: PROMETEIA 2000 Gross Fixed Investment 1980-2003: PROMETEIA at 2000 prices Corruption level 1980-2003: ISTAT "Annuario Statistico e Giudiziario" various years Criminal judges 1980-2003: Ministero dell'Economia e delle Finanze "Dipendenti delle Amministrazioni Statali" various issues Police forces 1980-2003: Ministero del Tesoro "Dipendenti delle Amministrazioni Statali" various issues Population 1980-2003: PROMETEIA Public infrastructures 1980-2003: PROMETEIA spending at 2000 prices Public consumption 1980-2003: PROMETEIA at 2000 prices Human capital 1980-2003: Costantini and Destefanis (2009) Notes: The legal statistics of ISTAT are one of the main sources for region-based corruption analysis.
2) ISTAT, Conditions of health and access to health services, 2007, which gathers data useful for detecting indications concerning health status and the use of health services.
4 Source: Authors' elaboration and analysis on data for sample taken from ISTAT Survey on Births (2000-2001).
When an arterial blood gas is drawn in our pulmonary lab we either analyze the arterial blood sample ourselves with an ISTAT or send it down to the Clinical Laboratory to be analyzed using the large automatic machines.
Many Level IIb facilities have the laboratory values from an ISTAT and this is also used frequently at the Level III facilities.
While discussing Europe's economic difficulties at an European Union Council of Ministers' meeting in June of 2005, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi chastised Italians for their preoccupation with unemployment by suggesting that Italy was better off than its EU partners because 40 per cent of the country's economy was in the economia sommersa--the underground economy--and, thus unaccounted for by statistics generated by Brussels, ISTAT (Istituto Nazionale Statistico) and official sources of economic measurement.
These include providing scales along the course for monitoring weight and obtaining ISTAT serum sodium levels from anyone who requires intravenous rehydration.
ISTAT said year-on-year growth by end of the third quarter registered 0.
Myers was among aircraft financing panelists at the annual ISTAT Americas conference for global professionals working to connect commercial aircraft financing needs with those seeking aircraft investments.