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ISTATIstituto Centrale di Statistica (Italian: Italian National Statistics Institute)
ISTATInternational Society of Transport Aircraft Trading
ISTATIntegrating Science Teaching and Technology (University of California, Berkeley)
ISTATIndependent Supporters Trust of Athlone Town (Footboll Club, Ireland)
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Ebanks has a degree in Aviation Technology, and he is active in the commercial aviation industry among his peers, including serving ISTAT in Latin America.
The ISTAT report added the annual exports growth was led by sales of clothing, leather good, machinery and equipment, basic metals and fabricated metal products, plus by a 30 percent increase in vehicle sales to the United States.
LFPR: labor force participation rate from 2001 census, from ISTAT.
2) ISTAT, Conditions of health and access to health services, 2007, which gathers data useful for detecting indications concerning health status and the use of health services.
Even so, on average self employed women professionals earn less than their male counterparts, about 30% less, ISTAT informs, and in some cases such as chartered accountants men earn around 70,000 [euro] ($92,000) per annum, more than twice as much as women.
4 Source: Authors' elaboration and analysis on data for sample taken from ISTAT Survey on Births (2000-2001).
National Alimentary Budget Statistics ("Bilancio alimentare nazionale-BAN") are issued annually by ISTAT (National Institute for Statistics) and represent the inventory of foodstuffs possessed by citizens.
ILO ISTAT ENH ECH State T (83) (92) (76-00) (00) Employed E OCC OCC OCC OCC Unemployed U S1 S1, S2, S1, S2, S3, S1, S2, S3, S3, S4 NS1, NS2, NS1 NS3 Inactive OLF S2, S3, S4, NSI, I NS2, NS3, I NS1, NS2, NS2, NS3, I NS3, I Table 4.
Many Level IIb facilities have the laboratory values from an ISTAT and this is also used frequently at the Level III facilities.
These include providing scales along the course for monitoring weight and obtaining ISTAT serum sodium levels from anyone who requires intravenous rehydration.
The Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies (1) has tried to determine likely national employment objectives from the perspective of these EU targets, basing its calculations on a set of scenarios until 2005 and then 2010 that project the positive trends having surfaced in the labour market during the 1995-2000 period, (2) superimposing these on the underlying negative demographic trends projected by ISTAT.