ISTDImperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (UK)
ISTDInternal Standard (Gas Chromatography)
ISTDInter-Service Topographical Department
ISTDInternational Society of Typographic Designers (London, England)
ISTDInstrument Systems and Technology Division (US NASA)
ISTDInformation Systems and Technology Department (various organizations)
ISTDInstitute for the Study and Treatment of Delinquency (UK)
ISTDIntegrated Space Technology Demonstration
ISTDInstitute for Safety Through Design (OSHA)
ISTDInternational Society of Teledermatology
ISTDICT (Information and Communication Technology) and Science and Technology Division (UN Economic Commission for Africa)
ISTDIntegrated Services Technology Development
ISTDIntegrated Spatial-Temporal Detector
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The commission referred the case to the prosecution several months ago, said Petra, adding that the suspected ISTD chief took measures, in agreement with the other suspects, that led to unlawfully reducing the due taxes on the said company from JD6 million to JD1.5 million.
The % CV for area ratio (analyte/ ISTD for both TMD, GBP) of high standard solution should be less than 4.
8: <<Dicunt autem quidam quod istd poetae et philosophi, et praecipue Plato, non sic intellexerunt secundum quod sonat secundum superficiem verborum; sed suam sapientiam volebant quibusdam fabulis et aenigmaticis locutionibus occultare; et quod Aristotelis consuetudo fuit in pluribus non obiicere contra intellectum eorum, qui erat sanus, sed contra verba eorum, ne aliquis ex tali modo loquendi errorem incurreret, sicut dicit Simplicius in commento>>.
Actus positivus, scilicet perfectus a subiecto agente, qui a sua intertia egreditur, ex toto ontologice dissimilis est ab erroribus, a dubiis, a praevisionibus, a velleitatibus, a praedispositionibus, scilicet a sic dicta voluntate habituali, atque a voluntate interpretativa, quae tantum post convictus ruinam concepta est, quia istd subiecti actus vel status psychologici numquam ad voluntatem perveniunt, sed tantum in personae intellects oriuntur ac manent.
Anandram , Present Status of HRD in India: PuneIndustries, Paper presented at the XVIIth NationalConvention of ISTD, Bombay, January.
This year, the International Dance Teachers' Association (IDTA), Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) and the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), are encouraging more Liverpool-based dance schools.
Linear regression gave a calibration curve for Hep25 of: ([Area.sub.Hep25]/[Area.sub.ISTD]) = 0.0409(Hep25 ng/mL) - 0.00215 ([R.sup.2] = 0.9999), where ISTD is the internal standard.
We were approached by our managers to look into a new technology that had been starting to become available, called ISTD, or in situ thermal desorption.
Ion transitions monitored by the API 3000 LC-MS/MS system were m/z 455.2/308.2, m/z 326.3/175.0, m/z 471/324.4, and m/z 458.1/311.3 for MTX, DAMPA, 7-OH-MTX, and ISTD respectively.
& ISTD syllabus DEFORE FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS Jimmie Defore Dance Center