ISTECInternational Superconductivity Technology Center (Japan)
ISTECIbero-American Science and Technology Education Consortium (Albuquerque, NM)
ISTECInformation Science and Technology Center (Colorado State University)
ISTECInstitute of Science and Technology for Ceramics (Italy)
ISTECInformation Systems Test and Evaluation Center
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By means of the electrical loop takeover process, developed by Istec International itself, the IST-203 takes over the control loop of the DCS during the migration.
The achievement has paved the way for development of large-scale superconductive flywheel systems, IHI and ISTEC, both based in Tokyo, said in a joint statement.
James Chang postulates that with a growing awareness of multimedia in learning, worldwide availability of CD-ROM and videodisc-based curricula, and continuing professional education of teachers and administrators through the ISTEC, technology across the curriculum will soon be added to the uses of technology in education in Taiwan.
The grenadier will also carry the Underslung Grenade Launcher (UGL) sight provided by Istec in Britain, which will be supplemented by the UGL fire control system provided by Vectronix of Switzerland.
SeDiCI reconoce como antecedentes las conferencias y presentaciones referidas a proyectos de Tesis y Disertaciones Electronicas -ETDs- en el marco de los encuentros del Consorcio Iberoamericano para Educacion en Ciencia y Tecnologia (ISTEC).
Asimismo, critican la atencion muy desigual que reciben de parte de los distintos empleados de la biblioteca, la lentitud en la atencion de algunos servicios y los costos de otros, como ISTEC (13) (que sin embargo es juzgado en general de modo positivo).