ISTHAIllinois State Toll Highway Authority
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Earlier this year, Adesta completed construction of a 295-mile fiber-optic network for ISTHA that connects Chicago suburbs and the surrounding states of Wisconsin and Indiana.
The CTA and ISTHA networks offer diverse, secure routes to a region that has nearly maximized its present infrastructure," he said.
Ralph Wehner, Executive Director of the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority, said the ISTHA network was designed to support strategic departmental goals, "Initiatives such as the I-Pass program, which includes Electronic Toll Collection, Video Enforcement, and a Traffic Information Management System will reduce operating expenses and improve customer service.
Although ISTHA has not conducted a formal study, e-mails and calls to the customer input line indicate that drivers greatly approve of travel time information and will complain when a nonincident-related message is posted when travel time information normally is available.
LARGE CAPITAL PLAN PARTIALLY DEBT FUNDED: The ISTHA is embarking on a recently approved 15-year, $12.
The ISTHA is a predominantly commuter-based system that benefits from serving as an essential transportation link for interstate business and other travel and provides service to-and-from one of the nation's busiest airports.
The governor introduced legislation to refinance ISTHA bonds with state general obligations, to allow flexibility under the existing indenture.
We see the signing of the contract with ISTHA as being the first step in the creation of a fiber optic backbone that will provide high-speed internet service to our cities and hope to see it expand rapidly first in Northern Illinois and then to other areas of the State.