ISTHAIllinois State Toll Highway Authority
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LARGE CAPITAL PLAN PARTIALLY DEBT FUNDED: The ISTHA is embarking on a recently approved 15-year, $12.
The ISTHA is a predominantly commuter-based system that benefits from serving as an essential transportation link for interstate business and other travel and provides service to-and-from one of the nation's busiest airports.
Despite the anticipated nominal decline in traffic, ISTHA projects toll revenues to increase by approximately 45% in 2012 and then, again, by another 30% over the 2015-2017 period as the 60% commercial traffic toll increase is phased in.
LARGE CAPITAL PLAN PARTIALLY DEBT FUNDED (Infrastructure Development/Renewal - Midrange): ISTHA is in the sixth year of its 15-year, $14.
Further, the ISTHA has taken steps to stabilize its capital structure evidenced by reducing its variable rate exposure to approximately 20% of aggregate debt and fully hedging its interest costs through swaps with multiple financial counterparties, all rated at least 'A' category by Fitch, with the exception of Deutsche Bank ('BBB+'/Stable).
The governor introduced legislation to refinance ISTHA bonds with state general obligations, to allow flexibility under the existing indenture.