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In 1990, the first cell phone call was made using the new digital technology that became character istic of this era.
By today's standards, Lavrovsky's balcony scene appears spare and expression istic, but still quite moving, particularly with Ulanova's Stanislavskian approach in the 1954 Bolshoi film of Romeo and Juliet.
No longer a F have won himse of maturity and midfield - he l player on the fie Likewise, Sah ing his return to Perhaps thou achievement of the Wembley sh istic is that of H e h ufhHeoa ha was sharp and could be timo form at just the right time.
This character istic has roots in Iran's long history, its long-lasting geopolitical influence, and--for a good part of history--its dominance in the region, which could even be considered extreme.
He admitted: "I must be real istic. I am not a time-trial specialist, even with the wings the yellow jersey has given me!
Similarly, Mann was to identify in Hans Pfitzner a serious lack of intellectual and artistic flexibility and a fateful fixation on a national(istic) interpretation of music, notwithstanding his early admiration for Pfitzner's opera on the subject of (musical) inspiration, Palestrina.
Thus Schiller's Joan is an ideal(istic) figure, caught in the Kantian struggle between duty and inclination, who transcends her limitations and dies triumphant (pp.
What if the "more" becomes a more "whole" istic quality of life?
Such an understanding of law was enunciated by Thomas Aquinas in the context of an authoritative and paternal istic understanding of the state.
Microbiologist Emanuel Goldman of the New Jersey Medical School, for example, tried to persuade the World Vegetarian Congress that animal istic opportunity yet" to free humanity from having to kill or exploit animals.