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Along with Marjanah, the novel depicts those considered 'good women', including eyang istri (Marjanah's maternal grandmother), who is motherly and caring, who is compassionate and polite even to people of lower social class working for her.
8; also, 'Sikh Istri League' (Sikh women's league) in Punjabi Bhain, Ferozepur, May 1932, pp.
This evening, as I take my constitutional, I will again hear happy laughter from children, see eagerness in teenage eyes, and watch the straight-backed istri couple working away at their makeshift ironing platform, as they have done, late hour after long hour, for years.
Thus one not infrequently finds among the text samples entire sentences that will strike chords of recognition in readers who are familiar with various Indic languages; for example, a""a tuba istri bisam ya mrelem "ich werde deine Frau, oder ich werde sterben" (p.
Tak ada orang tua, tak ada istri. Tak ada hakim susila atau polisi.
U Istri i Dalmaciji cut cemo botun, rijec nastalu prema talijanskoj bottone.
This organization, organized by the Association for wives and female workers in SOEs [Ikatan Istri Karyawati BUMN], was set up by Laksamana, and when her husband lost the minister post, it also closed.
Suryono, Eko (2003a) 'Banyak Istri, Banyak Rejeki', in Eko Suryono (ed.) Poligami.
Pemandu bagi suami istri dilengkapi dengan gambar (Bandung: n.p., 1983), p.
Kalau ada order, paling saya hanya dibayar sekitar Rp 500.000, sementara untuk hidup bersama satu anak dan satu istri dalam sebulan jelas lebih dari penghasilan saya sekali pentas', ungkapnya.