ISUSInternational Society for Utilitarian Studies
ISUSInformation Services and User Support
ISUSInnovation Start-Up Scheme (Australia)
ISUSIntegrated Solar Upper Stage
ISUSImproved Solutions for Urban Systems, Inc. (Dayton, OH)
ISUSIntegrated-Sensor Underwater System
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The Isabela State University (ISU)-Cabagan Campus is now implementing a P3.1 million Knowledge Hub, dubbed as Project Sierra Madre Information on Environmental Research and Resource Acquisition.
Through the merger of Fujifilm Group's bio-medical-related technologies with the cell culture media technologies and products of ISUS and ISJ, the former will expand the contact development and manufacturing business for biopharmaceuticals and reagent business as well as accelerate R&D in regenerative medicine.
Following the acquisition of ISUS and ISJ, Fujifilm will now be able to provide a broad product portfolio from biopharmaceuticals to in vitro fertilization and cell therapy, strengthening its global business in addition to expanding domestic business through strong sales network in Japan.
Roger Wanting, Highways Agency's A19 DBFO area performance manager, said the main role of the ISUs is to help the agency achieve its commitment to minimise disruption for road users by providing a safe and timely response to incidents.
"Even when not responding to incidents, the ISUs will be very busy out there patrolling the road network," he said.
The Isabela State University (ISU) expects an increase of enrollees this school year due to the implementation of Republic Act 10931 or the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act of 2017.
ISU president Ricmar Aquino said they expect graduates of both public and private high schools in the province to enroll in ISU to avail of the governments free tertiary education provided that they all meet the university admission and retention requirements.
staff person, ISUs Human Resources Office, and Office of Equal Opportunity and
Compliance to comply with ISUs data collection requirements, policies and procedures.
2.0 Purchases from this contract may consist of ISU picking up glass products from Companys shop and glass replacement services (by Company) for various departments on the ISU Campus.
To assist in its efforts, ISU anticipates retaining the services of a qualified executive search firm (hereafter referred to as Company ).
Relative Accuracy Tests Audits (one per calendar year) to be conducted as scheduled by ISU. All Relative Accuracy Test Audit procedures shall be performed as described in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 40, Part 60, Appendix A, Method 3A, 6C, 7E, and 10 and Appendix B, Specification 2, 3, and 4.