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ISVIndependent Software Vendor
ISVInternational Standard Version (Bible)
iSvIm Sinne Von (German: In the Sense Of)
ISVIn-Situ Vitrification
ISVIndependent Solution Vendor
ISVInternational Scientific Vocabulary
ISVInstitutionen För Samhälls- och Välfärdsstudier (Norwegian: Department of Social and Welfare Studies; Linköping University, Norrköping Campus)
ISVIdle Stabilizer Valve (automotive)
ISVInternal State Variable
ISVInstantaneous Speed Variation
ISVInformation Service Vendor
ISVInstitutionen för strålningsvetenskap (Swedish: Department of Radiation Sciences)
ISVInitial State Vector
ISVIntegrated Systems Verification
ISVInitial Site Visitation
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Moreover, most guarantees on ISV's in-force business apply only at maturity, rather than accruing year by year, allowing ISV greater flexibility in dealing with low investment returns in any particular year.
Not one of the 10 vendor ISV partner programs assessed in this study received full marks across the components assessed, which leaves opportunity for any one vendor to make changes to affect ISV partner relations.
Aradyme's Solution for independent application vendors is based on a proven data management model that the Company developed while working on large-scale, custom data migration projects for ISVs and systems integrators such as Syscon Justice Systems, Accenture and others.
IP Commerce is now making it possible for ISVs to connect to these services and improve their offerings.
Our participation in Hitachi's ISV program and our support for their Content Archive Platform is designed to help customers meet this challenge with seamlessly integrated, best-in-class solutions.
Aradyme's ISV solution for standardizing data migration/conversion processes is available now by calling Aradyme at 801-705-5000.
At the end of the workshop the participants agreed on a number of recommendations for ISVs, universities and the federal government that could stimulate growth in the HPC market and overcome barriers preventing development of advanced HPC application software, including:
ASNA is also a founding member of the Midrange Alliance Program, or MAP, and an exclusive Delivery Partner for the Microsoft NXT program for ISVs.
Integrated ISV interface allow ISV partners to quickly and easily provide additional functionality and live data into their applications.
Formed in 2003, the ISVS is an international organization committed to the recognition and promotion of vascular surgery as a defined specialty separate and distinct from general and cardiothoracic surgery.
By leveraging IP Commerce's IPPF, TransFirst can now offer ISVs simplified access to and integration with its suite of payment services such as multiple payment processing methods that include Internet, ACH, batch, wireless and recurring payments.