ISVLIndemnité Spécifique Liée aux Conditions de Vie Locale (French: Compensation Specifically Related to Local Conditions)
ISVLInternet Software Visualization Laboratory
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On the client side, a transformation module converts the ISVL HTTP stream into textual and graphical representations that are then transformed and presented on the screen by the navigator.
Because the purpose of the scenario is to show how ISVL supports SV-based collaborative debugging, not to show off the debugger itself, we use a trivial program.
Figure 2 includes labels describing the parts of the ISVL Prolog client.
Because ISVL uses Java-based clients, it gains all the benefits Java brings to an application:
To facilitate ease of use, we also incorporated other design features into ISVL:
Because movies are plain HTML files with accompanying Java code, they do not require the ISVL server.
Today, we are testing ISVL on an Internet version of our master's programming course, which involves students in the U.S.
Such synchronous demonstration of programs is possible through ISVL, though animations in ISVL are not canned, being created on the fly from the program submitted.