ISVRInstitute of Sound and Vibration Research (University of Southampton, England)
ISVRIndex of Systemic Vascular Resistance
ISVRIntel Smart Video Recorder
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ISVR provides a range of services, including the study of environmental acoustics, specialised measurements, expert witnesses, workplace noise assessments, aeroacoustics, and automotive noise and vibration control.
In general, cars have their noise levels about right and all they're trying to do now is improve sound quality," says John Dixon, principal engineer with ISVR.
Some ISVR work does still focus on straightforward noise reduction, typically for industries such as garden machinery and power generation that are subject to such legislation, or for companies, often based in China or India, selling to Europe for the first time.
In addition to working directly on the primary noise sources within a vehicle, ISVR also works on some of the smaller secondary component sources.
ISVR designs air intake and exhaust silencer systems either for, or with, clients.
The Human Factors Research Unit at the ISVR has conducted extensive research on the relationship between motion and motion sickness.
ISVR researchers have quantified the ways motion sickness is linked to characteristics of low-frequency motion (fore and aft, lateral, pitch and roll oscillations, and combinations of these).
It is in this area that the ISVR sees future work in the automotive sector.
The new facilities at the ISVR will also provide much-needed equipment and space for the expansion of the South of England Cochlear Implant Centre, where children and adults with severe and profound heating loss receive life-changing technology allowing them to communicate by speaking and listening.
Elliott says work at the ISVR could provide significant advances in comfort and hearing performance of the devices.
The ISVR team is also looking further into the future.
Dawei Huo, President of Huawei Central Research Institute, says: We are excited to work with the ISVR as they are world-renowned in audio research, with very strong research and engineering ability and are open to innovative impact.