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ISWCInternational Standard Musical Work Code
ISWCIndigenous Soil and Water Conservation
ISWCInstitute of Soil and Water Conservation
ISWCInternational Station Wagon Club (various locations)
ISWCIslamic Society of Western Connecticut (Danbury, CT)
ISWCInternational Symposium on Wearable Computers
ISWCInternational Semantic Web Conference
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It was hypothesised that decreasing the spacing between the trash and stone lines to 2 m would significantly increase the efficiency of these ISWC techniques in reducing runoff and erosion and in increasing crop yield under seal formation conditions.
15 m high; and (4) control--no ISWC technique applied.
In general, the changes in runoff percentage with time showed similar patterns in all the treatments, and the runoff percentage in the control treatment was higher, in most cases, than those in the ISWC treatments (Fig.
In most of the seasons the plots treated with the BTL technique had significantly less seasonal runoff than the rest of the ISWC techniques that were studied.
The mechanism that could account for the reduction in the runoff by the studied ISWC techniques is that both the trash and stone lines decreased the runoff velocity along the slope, thus, in mm, increasing the duration of infiltration and the amount of infiltrated water.
All the ISWC techniques significantly (P [less than or equal to] 0.
All the ISWC techniques significantly increased the corn yield in all the rainy seasons except for the STL and SL techniques in Season 1 of 1997.
These results indicate that the ISWC techniques were most effective in increasing the yields in Seasons 1 and 2 of 1998.
A possible reason for the increased crop yields in the ISWC treatments is the lower runoff in the plots where the ISWC techniques were applied, which in turn, increased the water infiltration in these plots (Table 2).
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