ISWMInternational Society of Weighing and Measurement (Rockville, MD)
ISWMInternet Service Werbung Marketing (German: Internet Service Advertising Marketing)
ISWMIndependent Songwriter Web-Magazine
ISWMIslamic Society of Western Massachusetts (est. 1982)
ISWMIntegrated Scrap and Waste Management
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ISWM esta basado en diferentes grados de apreciacion y participacion, como el rol critico de la comunidad, trabajadores y ecosistemas locales que son efectivos en la gestion de los residuos solidos.
The next step will be real life demonstrations of ISWM in two countries: Ghana and the UAE.
(15a) [[dire].sup.A] =m van 'o kal 3PL =TAM go carry move.upwards [[kamam].sup.T] ma [[le =n Vera'a].sup.G] 1PL.EXCL hither LOC =ART Vera'a 'They brought us up here to Vera'a.' GMV.020 (15b) [[dire].sup.A] =k qere' ba'a [[di].sup.THEME] 3PL =TAM push inside 3SG sar [[le =n mo-gi =n nime].sup.G] in LOC =ART CLF.HOUSE-3SG =ART house 'They jostled him into his house.' ISWM.171 Where the Theme is inanimate, it is left implicit:
Tenders are invited for construction of electrical panal and dg platform for iswm processing facility
Sources sought:integrated solid waste management (iswm)
Tenders are invited for Temporary waste storage cell at iswm facility
Tenders are invited for Laying of sanitary land fill for iswm leh
Tenders are invited for Details works of iswm site in tmc kampli.
Tenders are invited for Estimate for civil works of iswm process at tmc sandur
Tenders are invited for Construction of leachate treatment for swm processing facility,construction of pure water sump for iswm processing facility,construction of pure water sump for swm processing facility,construction of rain water recharge for swm processing facility,
Tenders are invited for Purchase of Fire safety equipments for ISWM Processing facility in Molakalmuru TP limit.
Tenders are invited for Construction of New Compost Plant in ISWM area at Molakalmuru TP limit