ISWMInternational Society of Weighing and Measurement (Rockville, MD)
ISWMInternet Service Werbung Marketing (German: Internet Service Advertising Marketing)
ISWMIndependent Songwriter Web-Magazine
ISWMIslamic Society of Western Massachusetts (est. 1982)
ISWMIntegrated Scrap and Waste Management
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The next step will be real life demonstrations of ISWM in two countries: Ghana and the UAE.
(15a) [[dire].sup.A] =m van 'o kal 3PL =TAM go carry move.upwards [[kamam].sup.T] ma [[le =n Vera'a].sup.G] 1PL.EXCL hither LOC =ART Vera'a 'They brought us up here to Vera'a.' GMV.020 (15b) [[dire].sup.A] =k qere' ba'a [[di].sup.THEME] 3PL =TAM push inside 3SG sar [[le =n mo-gi =n nime].sup.G] in LOC =ART CLF.HOUSE-3SG =ART house 'They jostled him into his house.' ISWM.171 Where the Theme is inanimate, it is left implicit: