ISYAInternational School for Young Astronomers (conference)
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Arka uveit olgularinda, koroidal ve retinal lezyonlarin ayrimini yapabilmek icin indosiyanin yesili anjiyografiden (ISYA) yararlanildi.
The Arabic text was edited and translated into English by Isya Joseph (1908-1909), Yezidi Texts in The American Journal of Semitic Languages, vol.
Muslims must cany out their daily Wqjib Prayers, specifically five times in a day: pre-dawn (Subuh), high noon (Zuhur), afternoon (Asar), sunset (Maghrib) and evening (Isya').
A Facebook post by one of his aides said Najib had a chat with his mother while waiting for the Isya' and terawih prayers tonight.
Full-time pesantren students live a life dedicated to the study of the Qur'an and Islamic texts characterized by full-time study between subuh prayers at sunrise and isya prayers after sunset, sometimes finishing study with evening sermons at 10pm.