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ISYSInstitute for the Study of Youth Sports
ISYSIntelligent Systems
ISYSIntegrated System
ISYSIntelligent Systems Research Group (Madrid, Spain)
ISYSInformation System for Youth Services (processing system; Maryland Department of Juvenile Services)
ISYSInstituto Sun Yat-Sen (Spanish: Sun Yat-Sen Institute; Panama; Chinese cultural center)
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Text mining, e-discovery and expertise location via ISYS Entities
search analytics through enhanced ISYS SearchTrends; and
Bernard, McIlhenny Company historian and curator, "By selecting ISYS to quickly and easily search across these digital archives, we no longer spend a half-hour or more conducting basic Find functions that aren't always successful.
After reviewing various enterprise search applications, we selected the ISYS 7 suite for its ease of use, classification capabilities and ability to prove its value during our trial phase," says Claudine Taylor, information strategy manager for Interfleet Technology.
Staff found that the solution helped them quickly find documentation to support compliance with CALEA standards, according to a recent news release from ISYS.