ISYSCONIntegrated System Control
ISYSCONInformation System Control
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However, the ISYSCON network capabilities for Local Area Network management, Network Planning with its associated Network Initialization Capability and the requirement for joint interoperability to provide the warfighters at all levels of the Global Information Grid the right information, at the right place, at the right time were necessarily limited in order to achieve meeting the mandated GE and the Operation Enduring Freedom/ Operation Iraqi Freedom deployment schedules.
This CPD MFI is a result of reviewing and considering incremental changes to ISYSCON that compliment the CSA vision for increasing operational war fighting capabilities in the area of network capabilities and specifically the elements of network planning, network and data base management, LAN management and interoperability requirements for the Modular Force.
Based on the evolutionary development process stated in the ISYSCON Operational Requirements Document approved by the Joint Requirements Oversight Council in April 2005, the CPD outlines the needed Modular Force NM capabilities.
For further information on the ISYSCON program, contact MAJ Fredrick Hollis, TSM WIN-T, (706) 791-7600.
In conformance with the Army's Software Blocking Policy, TSM WIN-T personnel coordinate and develop network management threads related to interoperability for ISYSCON (V)4 and all WIN-T systems.
Software Blocking Block 1--Assessment of this Block was performed to determine the status of ISYSCON (V)4 as a system under test in the Mar/Apr 2005 ABCS 6.