ISZIce Station Zebra (film)
ISZInternational Safety Zone
ISZIn Situ Zymography (molecular pathology technique)
ISZInternational Society of Zooculturists (now Zoological Association of America)
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Logachev, "Recurrent increases of low-energy particle flux measured on ISZ Prognoz-3," Cosmic Research, vol.
a) The Intrasudetic Shear Zone (ISZ) trending WNW-ESE forms the crystalline basement above all in the KPB (Autunian and Late Cenozoic times sensu Ulicny et al., 2002)
The most important role in this process is attributed to the Intra-Sudetic Shear Zone (ISZ) (Wojewoda, 2007).
One of the most distinct tectonic zones in the Sudetes is the Intrasudetic Shear Zone (ISZ) (Luzice-Sudetic Fault Zone sensu Ulicny et al., 2002 & 2003; Martinek et al., 2006), being 30 km wide and trending ca.115[degrees]-295[degrees].