IT-ISACInformation Technology - Information Sharing and Analysis Center (industry consortium)
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Harris Miller, president of the Information Technology Association of America, which coordinated the development of the group, says that IT-ISAC will guard sensitive corporate information carefully.
The IT-ISAC group will share information with those other ISACs and eventually, perhaps, with the government, if industry is assured that its information will remain private.
The IT-ISAC group will join the two other computer-response teams funded with taxpayer money, both founded in the late 1980s: the Computer Incident Advisory Capability, run by the Energy Department; and the Computer Emergency Response Team, run by Carnegie Mellon University and funded by the government.
Formed in response to growing threats of cyber crime attacks, the IT-ISAC will allow the IT industry to report and exchange information concerning electronic incidents, threats, attacks, vulnerabilities, countermeasures, best security practices and other protective measures.