IT-ISACInformation Technology - Information Sharing and Analysis Center (industry consortium)
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Harris Miller, president of the Information Technology Association of America, which coordinated the development of the group, says that IT-ISAC will guard sensitive corporate information carefully.
The IT-ISAC group will share information with those other ISACs and eventually, perhaps, with the government, if industry is assured that its information will remain private.
In addition to IT-ISAC, Sabo also serves as an appointed member of the Department of Homeland Security's Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee.
John's work with the IT-ISAC is another example of his proven commitment to critical infrastructure protection through advancing the mission of securing cyber assets and reducing the vulnerability to potential threats and attacks.
As executive director, Algeier will provide day-to-day administration of the IT-ISAC, represent the organization to the public as well as legislative and regulatory bodies, lead activities to increase membership and ensure that all members receive appropriate value for their contributions to the ISAC.
In this role, he will work closely with Guy Copeland, current president of the IT-ISAC, who is also vice president of Computer Sciences Corporation's Information Infrastructure Advisory Programs and special assistant to CSC Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Van B.
Algeier, IT-ISAC Executive Director, said, "From our perspective, the exercise enables us to improve our response and analytical capabilities by testing our abilities to analyze complex cyber attacks, promote coordination among the IT-ISAC analysts and our members to collaboratively analyze the attacks, build an integrated industry-government response capability, and enhance cross sector information sharing.
The IT-ISAC and our response partners performed well during this week's exercise," said Mr.
The IT-ISAC is a coalition of leading IT companies that provides members with real-time and historical information about urgent alerts, security news, vulnerabilities, viruses and other threats, thus providing a comprehensive picture of current Internet threats.
Copeland will be responsible for managing specific IT-ISAC operations and activities, developing a closer relationship with the Department of Homeland Security and assisting the organization's newly appointed president, Phil Lacombe of General Dynamics, in leading IT-ISAC endeavors.
Department of Justice -- Guy Copeland, Vice President, Information Infrastructure Advisory Programs, CSC, and Founding Board Member, IT-ISAC For complete agenda visit http://www.
In addition, Symantec is also a founding member of IT-ISAC (Information Technology Information Sharing and Analysis Center) and serves on its board of directors.