ITAHIs There Anybody Here
ITAHIndian Trace Animal Hospital (Weston, FL)
ITAHInstitute for Traditional Acupuncture and Herbology (Corte Madera, CA)
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Project Description : Irrawaddy Towers Asset Holding ( ITAH ) (incorporated in Singapore) is the owner of Irrawaddy Green Towers ( IGT or the Company), an independent telecommunications Tower Company headquartered in Yangon, Myanmar.
The purpose of IFCs proposed funding is to support, through ITAH, IGTs plan to expand mobile telecommunication tower construction in Myanmar (the Project ).
ITAH is in turn owned by companies affiliated with Alcazar (Alcazar Towers Limited (a company owned by the family of Alcazar Capital Limited Chairman Maroun Semaan); ACL Dagon Tower Holding Pte Ltd (a company owned by the family of Alcazar Capital Limited CEO Charbel Abou-Jaoude and by Alcazar Capital Limited partner Patrick Tangney), and Alcazar Projects Ltd, a company owned by Alcazar Capital Limited employees and directors) and by M1 Telecom.