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ITAKIntegral Trankada Aldabon Kali (Filipino martial arts)
ITAKIlankai Tamil Arasu Katchi (Tamil: Office of Tamil National Alliance; Sri Lanka)
ITAKIt Takes All Kinds (slang; band)
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Sumanthiran MP who virtually controls the party's politicking of the north, and it seems that it has become very problematic to establish an overall leadership of the ITAK in charge of the political campaign in the two provinces.
Other political parties contesting in the North and East have already started holding political campaigns, public and pocket meetings, but ITAK has so far no taken any steps to hold any such political activities in the two provinces.
K Sivangnam, the Deputy Leader of ITAK and the Chairman of the Assembly of the Northern Provincial Council regarding their political agenda and future.
K Sivangnam, their request to contest in the local government elections, as part of ITAK has been favorably considered.
In the meantime when Vidyatharan pressed the ITAK leadership for mayoral nomination, 'Asian Tribune' learnt that his brother-in law Saravanapavan MP strictly opposed any move to grant nomination to Vidyatharan.
Both of then prepared their own candidates lists and were seen involved in a very heated argument at the ITAK office in Jaffna.
As ITAK's Mannar region demanded a leading role in the Mannar Urban Council, a meeting was held in the ITAK office in Mannar to sort of this latest development.
In today's meeting, it has been agreed that ITAK would be given the chairmanships of Karaveddy and Nallur Pradesha sabhas for the the first two years and TELO will succeed in the final next two years.
After the breakup of the talks, ITAK leaders including Mavai Senathirajah, M.
Yesterday, an official delegation from TELO went and met with Anandasangaree and the TULF representatives and discussed matters regarding aligning with them after deciding to part company with the ITAK.
At the meeting, according to reliable sources, ITAK was not prepared for any of those requests put forward by the two Tamil militant groups.
A spokesman for TELO said PLOTE only has joined the TNA grouping recently, therefore they could be given 15 and 30 for them and 55 for ITAK and it might be acceptable for all, he said.