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Italics and dash only for non-sovereign entities," wrote EvergreenFir on May 17, 2016.
On Tuesdays, Italics takes diners back to traditional Italy with a night of artisanal wine and charcuterie featuring a specially selected producer every week.On Wednesdays, the Italian taste tour continues with an exploration of classic and innovative pizzas created by Italics' very own pizza masterchef.
This will allow users to send text in bold, italics or strikethrough, and is only available for WhatsApp v2.12.17 on iOS.
Volume 2 begins with early French italics: twenty-nine Aldine faces (with upright roman capitals) that were cut between 1512 and 1549 and are now almost completely forgotten.
Answers to four clues written in italics formed a phrase that seemed to ridicule the spa town's night-life in the broadsheet's quick crossword on Monday January 19.
Curator Francesco Bonami has positioned "Italics: Italian Art Between Tradition and Revolution 1968-2008," as a sequel to "The Italian Metamorphosis," the survey of postwar Italian visual culture that Germano Celant presented at the Solomon R.
Stanza two italics: Michael Ondaatje, Anil's Ghost.
ALL words in italics are Yiddish, the colourful language that was once the mainstay of the European Jewish community, and would have been spoken by all the main characters in Fiddler On The Roof.
41: "ours" in italics (Centrality is identity, what is powerful, important and ours.
Italics and underlining are generally used in the same way, though italics are used only with word processors.
Eventually I realised that "Shameless" must be the name of a TV programme - but whatever happened to italics for titles?
Sir - David B Lawrence's suggestion (Letters, July 25) that Welsh place names on road signs be in italics to reduce safety risks may have some merit; I do not know.