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ITALICSInnovations in Teaching and Learning in Information and Computer Sciences (UK)
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This leads to complications, such as the fact that half of Granjon's italics were smaller than Pica, in size, and we only have evidence from (sometimes badly printed) 500year-old books to go on.
2 Italics and Underlining Rewrite the sentences below, underlining words and phrases where necessary.
Dalton could not see him; but he knew that if Mary spoke she would come to the side of the bed and discover him, touch him" (85, italics added).
The value of using italics is that it visibly reinforces the status of the corresponding species as a taxonomic entity, i.
His translation makes a number of bold moves: contractions are used in conversations (God to the snake: "You'll go on your belly") but not narratives; use of the possessive case (Moses' house); retention of "and" or alternatives at the beginning of most verses; use of italics or exclamati on points to translate the infinitive absolute.
It scatters italics -- 'life-energy', 'thinking', 'tradition' -- instead of adopting a clear structure.
The text of the prologue is printed entirely in italics, heightening the tension as you read it; just knowing something is going to happen.
The italics identify additional criteria that are not strictly necessary to the evaluation of stockpile stewardship but provide a basis for support of the National Ignition Facility (NIF), the Sandia Z-Pinch Facility, and the Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative (ASCI), in particular.
The characters are so cool and so hip that I hated them on sight, and things get so complicated that toward the end Neihart is reduced to writing one sentence paragraphs he puts in italics, such as "Make it go away.
For example, Aldus Manutius was a "first-class business man" who developed italics because he wanted to print the classics in smaller books and sell them.
57) It might appear that Le Rouge was attempting to react as best he could to the success of the various southern italics, Aldine, Lyonese, Giuntine, etc.
From each book of the Bible she chooses only the moments of greatest dramatic tension, like the Sermon on the Mount, set off from her text in italics and the broken lines of poetry: "Heureux ceux qui ont / une ame de pauvre.