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"As an organisation, we want to develop and build tools on working with men and boys and conduct more training mostly around gender transformation and sensitisation of people on gender norms," said Itana.
One of the success stories Itana recalls is Women's Solidarity Namibia which expanded its work with women and girls to begin a boys group in response to training workshops with MenEngage.
Itana emphasised, "The impact we want to create is being able to capacitate different organisations and influence their thinking through what we do."
Itana said, "Gender equality will not happen in one day, so it is important to give people a constant reminder on the importance of the subject.
"It is internationally known that Namibia has of the most progressive legal frameworks but there is a wide gap between the framework and implementation of these frameworks," said Itana.
Itana gave an example of men being mocked at the police station when they go and report abuse stating that although the supreme law guarantees equality and safety for both men and women, it is something which is not looked into and not taking place in practice."
"When women's conferences and workshops are held, men should be invited as well, so that they understand what needs to be done to achieve gender equality," said Itana.
In coop/w ACM-SIGMOD, Contact Itana Maria de Souza Gimenes, Maringa--UEM Departmento de Informatica-DIN, Av.
James Itana (Gender Programmes Coordinator--Lifeline/ Childline): I regard the ideal man as someone who has the ability to acknowledge their weaknesses and mistakes in life.
`Itana 65' (and presumably, Itana) and Sturdy carry the Pinb-D1b allele (Table 3).