ITANTInternationale Transpersoonlijke Associatie Nederlands Taalgebied (Dutch: International Association for Dutch Transpersonal Psychology)
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In the French Alps, a cheeseA[degrees]based power staA[degrees]tion is producing enough electricity to supply a community of 1,500 inhabA[degrees] itants. The town of Albertville, in Savoie, is well known for its production of Beaufort, a firm cow's milk cheese, and one of France's flagship food feaA[degrees] tures.
President Jimmy Carter wrapped up a week-long trip to the Middl= e East Monday by telling a Jerusalem news conference that Hamas Islamic mil= itants are prepared to accept a negotiated peace agreement with Israel.
Vanderhooft concludes that these had been deported along with the native inhab itants of the Levantine cities.
The suicide bombers had crossed into Israel from Egypt after Gaza-based mil= itants 12 days ago blew up the Gaza-Egypt border wall, allowing hundreds of= thousands of Palestinians to stream into the Egyptian Sinai desert.