ITAOIraq Transition Assistance Office
ITAOInformation Technology Application Owner
ITAOInformation Technology Association of Orissa (India)
ITAOInternational Teaching Assistant Orientation (various schools)
ITAOInformation Technology Acquisition Office (department in NOAA)
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David Ensign, deputy senior consultant, ITAO Electricity, said the Electricity Regulatory Law represents the initial and most practical step toward the independent regulation of Iraq's electricity industry.
In addition, ITAO works in concert with the various Mission elements to facilitate Iraq's transition to self-sufficiency, as well as assist in maintaining an effective diplomatic presence in Iraq and throughout the region.
If the Benue government and the entire People have taken decision on the bill and itaos working then we call on the state House of Assembly to equally follow suit and do the right thing to protect our people from being killed almost on a daily bases.
O ITA software solutions for the travel industry, ITAOs QPX, the industryOs most comprehensive airfare shopping system, is used by leading airlines and travel distributors worldwide including Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Alitalia, American Airlines, Bing, Continental Airlines, Hotwire, Kayak, Orbitz, Southwest Airlines, TripAdvisor, United Airlines, US Airways and others.
ItAos worth noting that aviation is starting to outstrip other forms of passenger transport Ai the A380 generates 80g of CO2 per passenger km, whilst the EU car manufacturerAos target is to achieve 140g per passenger km by 2009 Ai a sobering thought when you consider that the Chinese bought over 7 million new cars last year.
ITAOs customers, including leading global brands in the airline, travel agency and metasearch markets, now rely on QPX for their most complex itineraries including international, interline and award travel.
Au ItAos not clear if X-54 or Sonic Whisper are related to NASAAos recently approved 2009 budget authorization, which includes $406 million for flight demonstrations related to investigating sonic booms and setting noise standards.
Next, itAos on to Charlottesville where their journey will take them through an area Jefferson described as the AuEden of the country.