ITAQInsight and Treatment Attitudes Questionnaire
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The PANSS, PSP, and ITAQ total scores all show significant main effects both for time and for group and significant time*group interaction effects.
rehabilitation program group show significantly greater increase in ITAQ scores,.
The total ITAQ score, total SDSS score, total PANSS score, and negative symptoms PANSS subscales scores were all similar: there was no significant difference in the results between the groups at baseline; subsequently both groups showed steady improvement over baseline at the end of the 3rd, 6th, and 12th month; and the degree of improvement was significantly greater in the intervention group than in the control group at all three follow-up evaluations.
This one-year follow up study found that compared to patients in a 'treatment as usual' control group those in the 'Sunshine Soul Park' rehabilitation program group show significantly less increase in ITAQ scores, significant greater reduction in SDSS and PANSS scores, and an increase in the GQOLI-74 overall score and social functioning and psychological functioning subscale scores.
The government funding will enable ITAQ to purchase prototype manufacturing equipment and measurement and diagnostic instruments.
In other news, Jerry Lederman, of Toronto, Canada, has joined the Board of Directors of ITAQ as an independent director.