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ITARInformation Telegraph Agency of Russia
ITARInternational Traffic in Arms Regulations
ITARInternational Trafficking in Arms Regulations
ITARIncome Tax Application Rules (Canada)
ITARInformation Technology Acquisition Review (US DHS)
ITARImmediate Target Attack Request
ITARImmediate-Type Allergic Reaction
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How to Submit a Voluntary Disclosure: ITAR [section] 127.12(g) requires hard copies of voluntary disclosures be sent to the DDTC.
As the Bright Lights case demonstrates, the State Department will definitely prosecute companies for ITAR violations involving spare parts.
Some years ago, a publisher sought to offer a book about cryptography with two computer diskettes containing source code for encryption, and the courts ruled that their export could be prohibited under ITAR as a defense article.
By either mirroring the level of security required by the U.S., or demonstrating an understanding of the policy concerns involved in ITAR, Australia will be more successful in pursuing its own defence agenda.
ITAR's definition of exports includes the oral or visual disclosure or transfer of "technical data," which includes the training of foreigners in the design and development of defense articles.
One major difficulty with both the ITAR and EAR is that neither defines "foreign national," and only the ITAR defines "foreign person." Because of this fact, the two terms tend to be used interchangeably, as was done in the referenced article.
In doing so, RegDOX Solutions has demonstrated its unique ability to provide a single cloud solution that is compliant with both the ITAR and DFARS.
"Basically anything with a digital component that was developed with Defense Department funds would be controlled under ITAR."
ST Petersburg, Russia, Rajab 24, 1435, May 23, 2014, SPA -- President of the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) Abdullah bin Fahd Al-Hussein attended here today an exhibit to mark 110th anniversary of Itar Tass News Agency.
Itar Tass said that the naval commander had been detained for giving orders to Ukrainian soldiers to use force against civilians.
There are others, too, such as ISO 14000, intended to ensure consistent (and presumed good) environmental and waste system stewardship, and ITAR, really more of a registration, intended to ensure that critical product IP stays in America.
These controls are contained in the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), both of which are authoritative on this matter.