ITASIndigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (Australia)
ITASImproved Target Acquisition System (US Army)
ITASInside the Actor's Studio (TV program)
ITASInformation Technology Approval System (US DoD)
ITASIntegrated Time and Attendance System (US NIH)
ITASInformation Technology Applications Specialist
ITASIndicated True Air Speed
ITASIntegrated Tactics Assessment System
ITASInterim Theater ADP Service
ITASIntegrated Target Acquisition System
ITASIntegrated Training Administration System
ITASIntegrated Tactical Attack System
ITASIt Takes All Sorts
ITASInformation Technology Applications and Services (Thailand)
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We expect ITAS to maintain good non-life underwriting profitability through selective new business and better risk diversification.
ITAS has a moderate business profile, but its market position in Italy has improved following the acquisition of the Italian subsidiary of Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA, IFS: A/Stable) in 2015.
The ITAS and our ability to employ it made us one of the most lethal platoons in TF ROCK.
In garrison, our ITAS is mounted on an M1121, a light-skinned high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV).
When engaged, the front and rear elements returned fire, fixing the enemy and allowing the ITAS truck to move out of the kill zone to a covered and concealed position.
Our security was built around the ITAS and was designed to provide 360-degree surveillance and fire.
To power the system 24/7, we requested lithium-ion AC chargers (LIACs) from the ITAS project office that would hook-up to our generators.
The battery power source will power the TOW ITAS for ten hours of dismounted operations or ten hours of silent watch beyond the capability of the HMMWV battery.
Upon target acquisition, soldiers can use the ranging capabilities of the TOW ITAS to determine target locations beyond the direct-fire weapons' range of any infantry or armor battalion, and relay them to the fire support element for engagement with indirect fire support.
When it comes to putting a missile on target, the TOW ITAS offers a vastly improved probability of hit over that of the ground TOW.
A central design tenet of the TOW ITAS was to reduce required maintenance actions and increase system reliability and availability.
By the end of 2002, the CCMS Project Office also plans to demonstrate the versatility of the TOW ITAS by firing a Javelin missile.