ITASIndigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (Australia)
ITASImproved Target Acquisition System (US Army)
ITASInside the Actor's Studio (TV program)
ITASInformation Technology Approval System (US DoD)
ITASIntegrated Time and Attendance System (US NIH)
ITASInformation Technology Applications Specialist
ITASIndicated True Air Speed
ITASIntegrated Tactics Assessment System
ITASIntegrated Target Acquisition System
ITASInterim Theater ADP Service
ITASIntegrated Training Administration System
ITASIntegrated Tactical Attack System
ITASIt Takes All Sorts
ITASInformation Technology Applications and Services (Thailand)
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Therefore let penal laws, if they have been sleepers of long, or if they be grown unfit for the present time, be by wise judges confined in the execution: Judicis officium est, ut res, ita tempora rerum, etc.
In a speech delivered on his behalf on the occasion of a Tax Talk: Understanding ITAS held on the side-lines of the Ongwediva Annual Trade Fair (OATF) here on Thursday, Schlettwein said tax revenue remains one of the country's major source of income.
Fitch revised the Outlook on ITAS's IFS rating to Negative from Stable on 6 September 2018 following the revision of Italy's Outlook to Negative on 31 August 2018.
The application of v2v communication considered in this paper are distributed optimization of routes - finding the shortest path in dynamic environment and situation awareness based on distributed interactions between ITAs.
Before the deployment, our ITAS, an organic weapon system for all IBCTs, had never been trained on or even signed out of the arms room because there was no "armor threat" in Operation Enduring Freedom (OFF).
Fitch placed ITAS's ratings on RWN in April 2017 following the announcement that the insurer's former general manager had been disqualified from holding office by magistrates, as a precautionary measure pending judicial investigations.
If you're moving faster than 5 MPH with the ITAS mounted on the HMWWV--that's almost anytime you're moving--lock the TU in azimuth and elevation positions.
The TOW ITAS consists of three new line replaceable units: the target acquisition subsystem (TAS), the fire control subsystem, and the battery power source; a modified TOW 2 traversing unit; the existing TOW launch tube and tripod; and a TOW HMMWV modification kit.