ITASAItalian Subs Addicted
ITASAIntercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association
ITASAInformation Technology Association of Southern Arizona
ITASAInternational Trade Association South Australia, Inc.
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Lupatech and ITASA have a commercial relationship that dates back 13 years, during which time ITASA was an important supplier for Esferomatic, an Argentinean oil valve company owned by Lupatech in Argentina between 1993 and 1998.
Founded more than 20 years ago, ITASA is one of the most respected producers of cast valve bodies and components, as well as pump housings, for the Latin American oil industry.
ITASA is also in the process of completing an extension to its building in And oain to create a total of 6,500 square meters of dedicated raw material and finished goods storage an increase in area of nearly 50 percent.
Founded in 1974 by two local families, ITASA has built a reputation as a relevant and reliable supplier in the paper-based release liner market.
11/12/99 ITASA Computer Using Graphic Artists (CUGA) SIG Meeting - On-demand Color Printing Techniques & Technologies 7:30-9:30AM (Tucson), Info: (480) 990-6671, URL: http://www.
12/10/99 ITASA Computer Using Graphic Artists (CUGA) SIG Meeting - Digital Video Camera Technology 7:30-9:30AM (Tucson), Info: (480) 990-6671, URL: http://www.