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"We offer a wide range of help and support to customers who have genuine difficulty paying but if they simply refuse to pay we take this very seriously and will not he itate to take action against them.
Finally, interventions that facil itate timely referrals and greater collaboration with health care professionals are also crucial (Larson et al.
Bishop (1998) attributes the longevity of ascidian sperm to its intermittent swimming behavior, which results in the conservation of energy stores; such a mechanism could conceivably facil itate the sperm longevity of A.
Layering is common in conifers growing on exposed sites where the harsh conditions promote the retention of lower branches (Kajimoto, 1992; Larson et al., 2000; Marr, 1977; Timell, 1986) and on sunny, wet sites where the soil conditions facil itate the development of adventitious roots (e.g., Larix larcina and Thuja occidentalis: Burns & Honkala, 1990; Curtis, 1946).
The critical focus is on identifying factors that facil itate managerial learning and those that inhibit it.
The "writing that inscribes femininity" of the emancipated, non-alienated kind that Cixous calls for ("Laugh of the Medusa" 248), then, may not, after all, necess itate the "harrowing explosion" of the phallocentric tradition of writing (249); it is, in fact, to be found within this tradition, inscribed into its devalued and abjected forms, and most notably into similaic catachresis.
Most famously in the Yes line-up of the early 70s, that recorded the albums Fragile and Close To the Edge, and on and off for the past 25 years with King Crimson, Bruford has become the drummer's drummer, the ideal towards which many younger playersgrav itate.
You have had far too many run ins recently with a face who seems to know just which buttons to press to irr itate you.
Now barely a week goes by without some telephone request or letter from a PR executive, usually some earnest young woman wearing an Alice band and called something like Tamara Farqhuer-Whitte, to meet up, find out what we really want "and hopefully facil itate improved communications between ourselves and your publication".
While, endometrial invasion in the intrauterine pregnancy needs more PLT activation,2 as a consequence, PDW values may decrease in EP which necess itates less PLT activation when compared to intrauterine pregnancy.
Os povos da antiga Peninsula Italica impunham a pena capital a quem matasse o touro, chamavam-no Itates e, segundo alguns autores, foi desta palavra que derivou o nome Italia ...