ITBCInterTribal Bison Cooperative (Rapid City, SD)
ITBCInformation Technology Business Center
ITBCInsecticide-Treated Bednets and Curtains (malaria control)
ITBCInstitute for Tropical Biology & Conservation
ITBCIntegrated Trailer Brake Control (General Motors Corporation)
ITBCIndustry and Technical Base Capability
ITBCIT Business Campus (Cape Town, South Africa)
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The role of ITBC, as established by it members, is coordinating the movement of surplus buffalo from national parks to tribal lands and developing marketing strategies.
ITBC provides technical assistance to members to help them develop management plans that will enable tribal herds to become self-sustaining.
All of our member-tribes know it takes money to manage a herd properly," explains Greg Wrangel, marketing director for ITBC.
In its effort to use buffalo as an economic resource, USDA awarded ITBC funds from the Small and Minority Producer Grants program to provide tribal members with:
ITBC then held five regional meetings in New Mexico, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, North Dakota and Oregon to familiarize tribal members with the software and related business concepts.
Additionally, ITBC is looking into the economic feasibility of operating a jointly owned and operated tannery.
The culmination of the SMPG project was a national meeting of ITBC in Rapid City, S.
In January of 1997, the ITBC partnered with the National Wildlife Federation and put forth a solution that would stop the needless slaughter of Yellowstone's buffalo and protect Montana's cattle from disease.
The Nez Perce tribe's wolf recovery program is a natural outgrowth of the ITBC effort, says NWF Senior Scientist Steve Torbit.