ITBPMInformation Technology Baseline Protection Manual (standards book)
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These SMP Language Labs have the look and feel of a typical ITBPM company workspace and have 20 or more computers installed with BEST and AdEPT software.
It is evident that the formation of mutually supportive partnerships between ITBPM companies and highereducation institutions is crucial to the ITBPM Growth Area Project's success and sustainability.
This view sharply contrasts with that of the 21stcentury global ITBPM Company, which continuously stimulates growth by relentlessly seeking out and acquiring the best and brightest in the talent pool.
The annual entrylevel requirements for the ITBPM industry are upward of 100,000 new hires.
Third, and more to the point, can SMP reinforce the Philippine ITBPM industry's competitive advantage, globally and in the context of an integrated Asean economic community?
On another level, how can ITBPM companies leverage SMP's inherent capacity to speed up a new hire's integration into the workplace?
In his speech at the recent International ITBPM Summit, Dan Reyes, Genpact president and board chair of the IT & Business Process Association of the Philippines (Ibpap), said: "One of our biggest challenges, even today, is to convince investors to come to the Philippines.
Reyes cited during the recent International ITBPM Summit the need to develop the talent pool in the country to address the skillsjob mismatch and the growing requirements of the global outsourcing market.
He cited the "Next Wave Cities," a program under the DOST's Information and Communication Technology Office (ICTO) which aims to establish more ITBPM hubs in areas such as Baguio City, Iloilo, Sta.
The program, the DOST secretary pointed out, helps achieve ideal ecosystems suitable for ITBPM operations and conducts information campaigns on the other segments of the industry, apart from call centers, where Filipinos can be highly competitive.
Montejo said the number of ITBPM industry employees already breached the 1million mark in August, closer to the 2016 target of 1.
As the "project technical experts" for the ITBPM Growth Area Project of the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd), Ibpap has been engaging 17 state universities and colleges (SUCs) for the Service Management Program (SMP) with English language proficiency modules.