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ITBSIowa Test of Basic Skills
ITBSIliotibial Band Syndrome
ITBSImaging Technologies in Biomedical Sciences (conference)
ITBSIllinois Test of Basic Skills
ITBSIndustrial Technologies Business Solutions
ITBSInternational Trade in Banking Services (India)
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ITBS can be chronic and annoying, but it is certainly something that can be managed.
We did not include any of the ITBS scores as predictors in this logistic regression because the ITBS was administered in the spring, and the predictors in this model were meant to be initial status predictors.
Figure 1 presents the students' average scores for the preceding, current, and following years, expressed in "grade equivalents." The ITBS is normed in such a way that the average 6th grader, for instance, taking the test during the eighth month of the school year, would score 6.8.
Hoover of the University of Iowa, principal developer of the ITBS, believes that computation scores would have fallen even if the NCTM standards did not exist.
Following the FDA's clearance, the company can market the three-minute iTBS protocol.
standard repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS), which takes 37.5 minutes, accelerated TMS (19 minutes) and iTBS, which takes just three minutes per treatment.
Leonardo and Team Cormorant have also said that they are committed to working with Canada's aerospace and defence sector and academia to develop a robust Value Proposition program through Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITBs), delivering high-value direct and indirect benefits to Canada in support of areas of key strategic interest to Canada.
(OTCQB: INTV) has announced that it has acquired CreditCalc from ITBS, LLC, a high-end loan management and calculation platform, the company said.
(OTCQB: INTV) has acquired loan management and calculation platform CreditCalc from ITBS, LLC, the company said.
We did not have any strong hypothesis regarding cTBS of the IFG or SPL; however, this protocol exerts inhibitory effects (i.e., opposite effects compared to iTBS) when applied over the primary motor cortex.