ITCAPIndustry Training Credit Approval Process (Tucson, AZ)
ITCAPIntegrated TOC-Based Costing Analysis Program (Telcordia)
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This credit approval process applies only to workforce development courses offered at Authorized ITCAP Centers (AICs).
The ITCAP Program provides employers with a valuable tool for mission-critical employee development, as well as new options for financing this training through educational assistance funds.
ITCAP President Marty Jansen noted, "TechSkills was approved for ITCAP affiliation only after undergoing an extensive review of its staff, facilities, and operational procedures.
This partnership between NETg and ITCAP is a great opportunity for NETg customers to bring even more value to their training programs.
To become an affiliate of ITCAP, organizations pay a $2,000 fee.
With affiliate centers in 38 states, ITCAP is the nation's most recognized credit-for-training program.