ITCBInternational Textiles and Clothing Bureau
ITCBInternational Training Control Board (astronaut training)
ITCBInitiative for Technology Cooperation in the Balkans (US and Greece)
ITCBInternational Training Center for Bankers (Budapest, Hungary)
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A survey by ITCB said, Indonesia still is competitive with low labor cost and the availability of basic materials in the form of synthetic fiber for garments.
Shortly afterwards, Hong Kong's ambassador Stuart Harbinson, speaking on behalf of the twenty-three member country International Textiles and Clothing Bureau (ITCB) said that "many developing exporters are concerned over the unsatisfactory progress and implementation of the ATC."
The textile producing and exporting Third World countries, who have constituted a 21-member International Textile and Clothing Bureau (ITCB), are therefore putting up a sharp opposition to the US proposals which, if implemented, would Undoubtedly damage the growth impulse of most of the developing countries; including Pakistan where the total impact of textiles in the country's export earnings of $1.50 billion in 1988-89 was to the extent of 31 per cent.
Itau CorpBanca (NYSE: ITCB) (SSE: ITAUCORP) has said that it has filed a material event notice with the Chilean Superintendencia de Valores y Seguros, announcing Candido Bracher's resignation from his position on the board of directors of Itau CorpBanca.
Instalments paid by the participants are divided into takafol, also called tabaru, account and participants' mudaraba investment account by the STMSB, the ITCL and the ITCB (Islamic Takafol Company Bahrain).
Itau CorpBanca (NYSE: BCA) (NYSE: ITCB) (SSE: ITAUCORP) has said that it has changed its Santiago Stock Exchange ticker symbol from 'CORPBANCA' to 'ITAUCORP' and its NYSE ticker symbol relating to its American Depositary Shares from 'BCA' to 'ITCB', both effective as of the commencement of trading on April 1, 2016.