ITCDIT (Information Technology) Consulting and Development
ITCDInformation Technology and Communication Design (education)
ITCDInstitute for Trade and Commercial Diplomacy
ITCDInformation Technology and Communications Directorate (US NASA)
ITCDIT (Information Technology) Consulting and Development (Luxembourg)
ITCDInvitation to Continue in Dialogue (OJEU tendering process)
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"Parent" appears in 9 ITCD laws 42 times (Figure 5): 31 mentions occur in the Alabama law; 7 in South Carolina; 2 in Indiana; 2 in Illinois; and none in Iowa, Louisiana, Wisconsin, or either Minnesota law.
Em seu livro de 2006, Saulo Nogueira aplica a metodologia desenvolvida pelo ITCD, desdobrando-a no seguinte quadro a ser preenchido para o mapeamento dos atores que podem impactar positiva ou negativamente as acoes da empresa.