ITCFInverse Term Collection Frequency
ITCFIntegration, Test, and Control Facility
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people and the international community", the ITCF focuses on the
The 2012 ITCF showcased more than 80 companies and welcomed nearly 8,000 visitors.
One microliter of purified DNA extract from each of the 52 ITCF samples was used as the template in 50-[micro]L degenerate PCR amplifications targeting portions of the E1A, hexon, and fiber genes.
Limiting dilutions of ITCF sample 7151 were plated on A549 cells and allowed to adsorb for 16 hours, after which agarose overlays (0.
Philippeau, ITCF, Station experimentale, 91720 Boigneville, France.
The aim of the consultancy is to design and manage a new programme for commissioning and organising policy and programme services and products as one of three windows of the ITCF.
To complete the database for yield components of these genotypes, data have also been collected from the ITCF (Institut Technique des Cereales et des Fourrages) network (Gate, 1995, 1998, personal communication) and from other INRA studies (Oury, 1990, 1993; Robert, 1996; Trottet, 1998; Le Gouis, 1998, personal communication).