ITCGInformation Technology Consultative Group
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Note that the aforementioned ITCG laws in [8-13, 18-20] all need the TTG.
In this paper, a novel ITCG law is proposed for missile with time-varying velocity, based on integral sliding mode control (ISMC).
1) As far as we know, the ITCG law for the missile with time-varying velocity is achieved for the first time.
Para a realizacao deste trabalho foram utilizados mapas tematicos do estado do Parana, disponibilizados pelo ITCG (2013) e arquivo SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) do Parana (EMBRAPA, 2013).
Para a o registro das imagens desse trabalho, foram usadas as rodovias e a hidrografia com base nos arquivos vetoriais supracitados nos materiais utilizados do ITCG e realizado no software Envi 4.
ITCG (2013) Dados e Informacoes Geoespaciais Tematicos.
ITCG is excited to take the NovaStor product line to resellers across Canada," said Jerry Diakow, President of ITCG.
Operating in the storage, security and infrastructure markets, ITCG has delivered top solutions to Canadian resellers to enhance product and solution offerings for their end user customers.
Accordingly, risk management is a central concept of ITCG and pervades the publication from beginning to end.
Although the risk concept recurs frequently in ITCG, there is a separate chapter (Chapter 2) that deals with the responsibility for risk management and control.
ITCG (Instituto de Terras, Geografia e Geociencias) Clima--Estado do Parana.