ITCMIntegrated Telephony Cable Modem
ITCMInstruction Tightly Coupled Memory
ITCMIncentive Travel & Corporate Meetings (est. 1988; UK)
ITCMInstituto Tecnológico de Ciudad Madero (Mexican technical college)
ITCMIBM Tivoli Configuration Manager
ITCMInternet Traffic and Content Management
ITCMIndividual Travel Cost Method
ITCMInitial Technical Coordination Meeting
ITCMInternet Telephony Cable Modem
ITCMInternational Trade and Corruption Monitor
ITCMInnovative Technology for Custom Machinery
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For rEEG, the iTFT maps exposed several differences between ERP and no ERP, and maybe the most notable and consistent feature was the arrangements of clusters labeled "FF" systematically appearing in ERP maps (Figures 7(a), 8(a), 9(a), and 10(a)) derived from the ITCM computation, contrasting with the absence of such patterns in the no-ERP maps (Figures 7(b), 8(b), 9(b), and 10(b)).
ITCM, the Information Technology Competency Model (2012).
SMIC, the congregation behind ITCM, was founded in 1910 in Brazil.
Brokers who are working in the capacity of ITCM and PCM, resorted to active marketing and not dependent on client initiation.
KEGAN and LAHEY developed their Immunity to Change Map (ITCM) to prompt transformative change by providing users with a glimpse of that which is Subject to them.
ITCM often finds, as a machinery developer and as the external element of the NPD formula, that it is bought in to the project and asked to produce a machine for the new product's manufacture when the product design and development is in its final stages.
It was a close call between Fraikin and ITCM but in the end the winners were ITCM.
There are two approaches to the travel cost method; the Individual Travel Cost Method (ITCM) and Zonal Travel Cost Method (ZTCM).
ITCM, based in Coventry, helps companies make new product ideas available to the mass market and has just won the Customer Service Award 2006 at the UK Packaging Awards.