ITCPIncubadora Tecnológica de Cooperativas Populares
ITCPInformation Technology and Creative Practices
ITCPInformation Technology Certified Professional (job title)
ITCPInformation Technology Contingency Plan
ITCPInformation Technology Consulting Professional (Ontario, Canada)
ITCPInter-Theater Care Program
ITCPIndirect Transmission Control Protocol
ITCPInformation Technology Consultancy & Provision (UK)
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Overbeck's "A Letter to Gregory Roberts", which has been published as part of the ITCP Program.
Ou seja, como foi possivel se constatar pela analise das mensagens virtuais analisadas e em falas coletadas, as entidades afiliadas a Rede ITCP compartilham informacoes das mais diversas.
La cooperativa popular se convierte, por accion de las ITCP, en una celula basica de la democracia de los productores/ciudadanos; pasa a ocupar una dimension juridica e institucional en las transformaciones que marcan el viraje en el proceso de produccion de valor, y en la creacion y distribucion del excedente social.
The ITCP course will cover specific areas of expertise that is needed, by the inspector, to ensure that a manhole is properly prepared and rehabilitated to meet the requirements of contract documents.
The study included 30 ITCP participants and eighth instructors at Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey (October 2004-June 2005).
As for ITCP, we are looking to team with Water Environment Federation member associations to bring ITCP to their respective areas.
NASSCO's ITCP for CIPP launched in 2007, with the first training session held in 2008.
amp; Manhole Rehab projects count on ITCP to better understand &
I have had the privilege of helping in the development of PACP and ITCP and seeing firsthand how their acceptance by the industry has significantly improved the level of quality in pipeline rehabilitation technologies.
I hope to see the knowledge we have been able to impart expanded to include education about chemical grouting as a proper and appropriate means to stop inflow/infiltration (I/I), as well as expanding ITCP (Inspector Training Certification Program) to include grouting and other technologies.
Cured-In-Place-Pipe was the first ITCP course developed and program author Gerry Muenchmeyer reported that hundreds of inspectors were trained in 2014 with even more training slated for 2015.
Tillery added that NASSCO Technical Director Gerry Muenchmeyer, members of the CIPP committee, Manhole Rehabilitation Committee, the International Pipe Bursting Association (IPBA) and others have done a "wonderful" job getting ITCP off to a strong start, training 1,500 students in the U.