ITCPIncubadora Tecnológica de Cooperativas Populares
ITCPInformation Technology and Creative Practices
ITCPInformation Technology Certified Professional (job title)
ITCPInformation Technology Contingency Plan
ITCPIndirect Transmission Control Protocol
ITCPInformation Technology Consultancy & Provision (UK)
ITCPInformation Technology Consulting Professional (Ontario, Canada)
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Currently an ITCP Master Trainer, Gerry was awarded the 2012 NASSCO Select Society of Sanitary Sewer Sleuths Award, 2014 NASSCO Trainer of the year and was selected as Trenchless Person of the year in 2014.
Overbeck's "A Letter to Gregory Roberts", which has been published as part of the ITCP Program.
Despite an intensive search on the Internet it has not been possible to establish what eventually happened to ITCP and Norton--probably Bill's illness contributed to its eventual closedown as he was the leading "light" of the observers.
Ou seja, como foi possivel se constatar pela analise das mensagens virtuais analisadas e em falas coletadas, as entidades afiliadas a Rede ITCP compartilham informacoes das mais diversas.
Mesmo porque, sabe-se que a vivencia cotidiana de cada ITCP e unica e independente.
The ITCP course will cover specific areas of expertise that is needed, by the inspector, to ensure that a manhole is properly prepared and rehabilitated to meet the requirements of contract documents.
NASSCO obviously makes a huge impact setting standards with PACP (Pipeline Assessment Certification Program) and ITCP (Inspector Training Certification Program).
The ITCP program is part of NASSCO's ongoing program for setting industry standards for the assessment and rehabilitation of underground structures and educating industry professionals on the inspection and documentation of trenchless technologies during construction.
All scheduled ITCP training program throughout the U.
At the same time, we have been working with the International Pipe Bursting Association (IPBA) to develop ITCP for pipe bursting.
To date, nearly 1,000 inspectors and engineers have completed ITCP CIPP training and are listed by state or county on the NASSCO web site," said Gerhard (Gerry) Muenchmeyer, RE.
The ITCP course covers specific areas of expertise necessary to ensure that a trenchless project is built correctly, conforms to the requirements of contract documents and meets customer expectations.