ITDCInternational Technical Development Center
ITDCIndia Tourism Development Corporation
ITDCInternational Technical Development Center (Germany)
ITDCInformation Technology Development Center (various locations)
ITDCInstructional Technology Development Consortium
ITDCInformation Technology in Developing Countries
ITDCInteroperability Technology Demonstration Center
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In case of Ashok Bharatpur, ITDC, which is managing the hotel, will hand over the management control to the Rajasthan government.
Adeeb Ahmed Mahyoub, Marketing and Projects Manager for ITDC says there has been no filmmaking in Yemen for the last three years although "interest is strongly increasing now".
The ITDC pilot project demonstrated an eBusiness application of integrated data mining and logistic supply support to EA-6B Prowler avionics and weapons systems.
ITDC hotels, properties to be leases, sub-leased jointly with the states,
According to sources, as much as 15- per cent stake would be up for sale in National Fertilizers Limited, Hindustan Copper Limited, ITDC, State Trading Corporation and MMTC.
ITDC said, " Rampal has to pay ` 25 lakh as rent per month for LAP lounge bar and restaurant.
The ITDC commercial department seems to be running short of ideas to do business," said a senior tourism ministry official who did not want to be named.
H + A is also recognized for the excellence of its training programs delivered at Digital Media Studios and at the Information Technology Design Centre, the ITDC.
According to the original plan, the Games Village was supposed to be handed over to the DDA for furnishing and decoration by the ITDC authorities.
The industry sources pointed out that in the 1982 Asiad the catering arrangements were under the charge of a senior executive of the ITDC, Anil Bhandari, who subsequently became the public sector undertaking's CMD.
ITDC, that didn't bid for T3 because of high rentals, is now trying to get some space there to make its presence felt.
ITDC chairman and managing director Dr Lalit Panwar said the decision had been approved by the ITDC board and the tourism ministry.