ITDEInstructional Technology and Distance Education (academic program; various locations)
ITDEInformation Technology and Distance Education
ITDEInterchannel Time Displacement Error
ITDE4-Isothiocyanate Diphenyl Ether
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The user interface of ITDE (ITDE UI) enables to input information by manager, and also report detecting results to manager.
In this field, ITDE UI requires connection types including database and file.
The information inputted by user using the ITDE UI are sent to semantic function modules in order to create the IB2O, and also semantic-based analyze network packet.
The Network Packets Collector gathers real time network packets used by insider on network from database or log files defined by user using ITDE UI.
The Semantic Annotator annotates information received from the Network Packets Collector and ITDE UI to translate as RDF triples (e.
In this section, we describe implementation of IB2O schema and ITDE.
The ITDE is developed using Java, the Jena library on the we application server (WAS), i.
In this section, we describe the feasibility of proposed IB2O by two evaluation processes (1) evaluating IB2O created by ITDE UI and (2) evaluating detection of malicious insider threat behaviors regarding network packet collect from network system.
As mentioned above, to create individuals of IB2O, we input general information including potential insider threat behaviors, proprietary information, method about the behaviors, and description for human understanding using ITDE UI.
Multimedia options for the ITDE manager are plenteous and exist in forms such as video mail, podcasting, audio and video teleconferencing, as well as one-way audio and video capabilities.
Facilitation of autonomous groups by ITDE managers requires providing them with readily available challenging materials that will build a solid foundation of knowledge.
In conclusion, the presence of autonomous learners within the learning environment affects how the ITDE manager selects media, content, and additional resources.