ITDGIntermediate Technology Development Group
ITDGIndependent Tire Dealers Group (Tequesta, FL)
ITDGInternational Technology Development Group
ITDGInitial Time Delay Gap (acoustics)
ITDGInternational Trade Development Group (Lafayette, LA)
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Thus in this case overall DM prevalence among TB patients at 17% was higher as compared to 9% assessed by ITDG, again indicating a heterogeneous DM prevalence across India.
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Luego de la capacitacion del ITDG y de la ofrecida por los mismos campesinos extensionistas a los campesinos vecinos, los productores a pequena escala optaron por vender su leche a los campesinos extensionistas y no fabricar el quesillo ellos mismos.
George Keith Addicott, of Heaton Road, Solihull, died on May 26 2006' left estate valued at pounds 932,861 gross, pounds 930,327 net, mostly to charity, with shares to Marie Curie Memorial Foundation, Arthritis Research Campaign, ITDG, and to Warwick School.
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Practical Action, formerly known as ITDG, works with poor communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America to help them use technology to improve their lives.
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Although reasons for a type of plant not making the new treaty's list vary, politics often proved a major factor, says Patrick Mulvany of ITDG, an international sustainable-development foundation in Rugby, England.
However, in Kenya, ITDG has come up with some very successful interventions through 'participatory development', where people most affected by smoke help to design changes.