ITDIIbm Tivoli Data Integrator
ITDIIndustrial Technology Development Institute (Department of Science and Technology of the Philippines)
ITDIInformation Technology Development Institute (Lithuania)
ITDIInternational Teachers of Dance, Inc.
ITDIInfusion of Total Dose Iron
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Release, which was founded in 2008 by former members of Universal Music Group International's (UMGI) ITDI department, was previously the in-house unit at Universal Music Group International (UMGI), London, managing its ITDI and digital supply chain programmes.
The ITDI client base is drawn from the employees of over 240 member airlines, 75,000 IATA-certified travel agents, and a pool of more than 20,000 college students who aspire to work in the aviation industry.
Airlines and supply companies serving the global aviation industry may operate in dozens of different countries," said Ismail Albaidhani, Head of Global Partnership & Learning Innovation and interim head, ITDI.
Teresita Palomares, the supervising science research specialist and ITDI Food Processing Division officer-in-charge Teresita Palomares, said the standard process to develop the tiesa into natural food color as an alternative to the synthetic food coloring tartrazine or FD&C Yellow 5 was based on the fruit's characteristics.
She cited as benefits the coloring's preservation of the appearance of the food even after processing and storage to make food look appetizing as well as to protect the food's flavor and light-susceptible vitamins, which inspired the ITDI to develop natural food color from tiesa.
OLTrap Developed by ITDIs Chemicals and Energy Division, the OL Trap is an anti-dengue device that helps control the population of the Aedes mosquitoes through its ovicidal and larvicidal effect that prevents the next generation of mosquitoes from developing to the adult stage.