ITDNInternational Trade Data Network (Smithfield, RI)
ITDNIntegrated Tactical Data Network
ITDNIntegrated Tactical-Strategic Data Network
ITDNIntegrated Tactical Defense Network
ITDNInternational Trade Development Network (China)
ITDNInternational Tap Dance Network
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The ITDN is an effort now being implemented to provide DDN connectivity into the tactical environment.
France is also well on its way to an integrated telephone and data network (ITDN) based on time-division switching centers interconnected by a hierarchy of digital channels operating at 2, 8, 34, 140 and 4 X 140 Mbps.
Work is underway on the switching equipment, local loops and customer premises equipment for the ITDN, with the goal of end-to-end 64-kbps switched digital service becoming available next year.
Other services offered to ITDN subscribers will be carried by other existing dedicated networks.