ITDSIBM Tivoli Directory Server
ITDSInternational Trade Data System
ITDSInfant Toddler Developmental Specialist (Florida)
ITDSImproved Technical Data System
ITDSInternational Telecommunications Data Systems, Inc. (Stamford, CT)
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Once fully implemented, the ITDS will dramatically reduce the time and expense for business to move the more than 50 million containers and US$3.
Although ITDS have the potential to serve as rapid, noninvasive screening tools for detecting febrile persons, previous studies provide conflicting information about their utility for mass fever screening (15,16,19-25).
The ITDS approach "is not meant to replace routine triage temperature measurements in the ED or other settings, but rather to be used for screening as an infection control modality during extreme circumstances where screening becomes necessary, like in a pandemic.
Essentially, ITDS interfaces with government agency systems and provides for advanced filing by traders and motor carriers so that federal agencies can pre-clear cargo, conveyance, and crew before they arrive at a border crossing.
The ITDS, which is a federal government information technology initiative, is expected to coordinate, standardize, and simplify federal border clearance and other international trade and transportation processes.
The business provides speech, occupational and physical therapy and ITDS services for children through out Central and Northeast Florida.
The ITDS, which is being implemented through ACE, is one tool for
Researchers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) found that the ITDS detected fever in patients through split-second, non-contact skin temperature measurements.
RUTH TODD, Director ITDS, Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) will discuss the importance of Operating Experience to improve any process.
ITDS will be an interconnected database of all government agencies involved in the trade process, allowing users to submit data to one agency database available to other agencies.